Rules and regulations

rules and regulations ‚Äč:
Matabvisit is the legal site dependent to Rouban Sabz Fakher Iranian company with Company registration number (43313) under the rules of  Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to give the best remedial services to all people.


rules related to Msatabvisit site:

A)Befoe doing any reservation or any other thing read the guides please.

B)Descriptions and guides of any part is written on related page.

C)Please enter the wanted information correctly , if not you will be responsible for rejection of clinic.

D)This site only receives its own expenses.It has no interfrences with clinic ‘s expenses and services given in clinic.

E)In reservation part the time will be the time of your presentaton in clinic,not the time of the visit by doctor.

F)Reserving through this site you will be the first to be visited.